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Tim Conley began writing professionally in 1989 right before he retired from the U.S. Navy. His first book was a fantasy called Transdem, Inc. It featured a young girl and her cat, Pazee who walked out of a wall one night and drove her father around a sharp bend in his mental faculties. They had to really fight alien invaders to save their family and home. Read & Enjoy!

My Publishing Company

Dragon's Breath Publishing was formed during my senior year at Memphis State University. I needed some way of producing my Senior Project - which turned out to be two Student Guides for two of the University College courses. I graduated in 1993 and began writing successfully in 1996. By 2000 I had about a dozen storylines that I was working on and by 2006 they were completed and published as e-books on Smashwords.

85 Books!

85 books out of 149 have been published so far using Kindle Direct and selling on Amazon.com. The writing will continue apace until I pass off and bid this world goodbye. Then it's anyones guess from there. Writing is something I've enjoyed. Books have always brought joy to my life and bringing one more book into the world is a fascination of mine. Again - Read & Enjoy!

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