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Books Published List
# Series Title Genre
1 One Journey to Mars: The Awakening Sci-fi
2 One Journey to Mars: Blood is Forever Sci-fi
3 One Journey to Mars: To Fight the Evil Sci-fi
4 One Journey to Mars: The Vampire Underground Sci-fi
5 One Journey to Mars: The Denebian Connection Sci-fi
6 NOT A One-Way Trip Sci-fi
7 Two Crystal Possession: Vanessa's Story Sci-fi
8 Two Crystal Possession: Imagination Island Sci-fi
9 Three The Pleistocene Pig Murder Mystery
10 Three The Benoit Investigative Service Murder Mystery
11 Three The D'lberville Bayou Murders Murder Mystery
12 Three Crime Busting: Benoit Style Murder Mystery
13 Four Transdem, Inc: The Omegan's Arrival Sci-fi
14 Five Dark Moons on Chimera: Birthright under a Sign Fantasy
15 Five Dark Moons on Chimera: The Triple Thrones of Theuniss Fantasy
16 NOT A Tale of Cardiff Glen Murder Mystery/Horror
17 NOT Grandma Conley's Family Biography
18 NOT The Life & Times of Ruth Yothers Biography
19 NOT Poetic License Poetry
20 NOT A Poetic Life Poetry
21 Six The First Shadow Riders Fantasy
22 Six The Shadow Returns Fantasy
23 Seven The Forensic Diaries Teen Fiction
24 Seven A Day in the Life Teen Fiction
25 Seven EVOL LOVE Teen Fiction
26 Seven Evolving Love Teen Fiction
27 Seven Vira Serium Teen Fiction
28 Eight The Rhumgold Sagas: Vampires R US Fantasy
29 Thirteen The Margo Bryant Chronicles: Caribbean Blue Murder Mystery
30 NOT Understanding Chess How-To
31 NOT Understanding Microsoft Excel How-To
32 NOT Understanding Microsoft Access How-To
33 NOT How To Write Fiction How-To
34 NOT Writing 101: For Beginners How-To
35 NOT Egypt for the Novice Historian Non-Fiction/Religious
36 NOT A Commentary on II Timothy Non-Fiction/Religious
37 NOT Teddy Saves the Day! Children's
38 NOT Murder by Design Murder Mystery
39 Nine The Curse of Indian Gold Frontier Horror
40 Ten The Guardians of Time: Opening Gambit Sci-fi
41 NOT Operation Arachnid: On High Alert Murder Mystery
42 NOT Demographics of Efficacy Doctoral Thesis
43 NOT Followership in the Tri-States Doctoral Thesis
44 NOT British Female Travel Writers Doctoral Thesis
45 NOT Memoirs of a Country boy Autobiography
46 NOT Thunder Breaks in on Silence Non-Fiction
47 Eleven Short Stories, Essays and Comments Fiction/Non-Fiction
48 NOT Confessions of a Sex Addict Erotic Fiction
49 NOT A Screenplay: Immoral Authority Screenplay
50 NOT A Screenplay: Joseph & Asseneth Screenplay
51 Eight The Rhumgold Sagas: World Gates Fantasy
52 NOT Are You Afraid of Clowns? Non-Fiction
53 Fourteen Tales from Avalon Sci-fi
54 Eight The Rhumgold Sagas: The Witching Dimension Fantasy
55 Eight The Rhumgold Sagas: The Dragon's Seal Fantasy
56 NOT The Workshop Series Non-Fiction
57 Eight The Rhumgold Sagas: Foundations of the Moon Runes Fantasy
58 Eight The Rhumgold Sagas: Destination Antares: The Combine Fantasy
59 Eight The Rhumgold Sagas: The Curse of the Harvest Moon Fantasy
60 Eleven Tales by the Light of the Moon Shadows Fiction/Short Stories
61 Eleven The Hardwood Chronicles Fiction/Short Stories
62 Eight The Rhumgold Sagas: Gateway to the Past Fantasy
63 Nine A Compilation: A Time to Care/The Curse of Indian Gold Frontier Horror
64 Eleven Cherry Blossums Fiction/Short Stories
65 NOT TRACE Sci-fi
Books Pending List
# Series Title Genre
1 Twelve The Starlight Project Sci-fi
2 Two Crystal Possession: The Sins of the Elders Sci-fi
3 Three The Curse of Eden: Gobekli Tepe Murder Mystery
4 NOT Robotics 101: The Visitaion Sci-fi
5 NOT Jill the Ripper: The WhiteChapel Murders Horror
6 Four Transdem, Inc: Escape Into Elsewhere Sci-fi
7 Four Transdem, Inc: Saval's Revenge Sci-fi
8 Four Transdem, Inc: The Ends of the Universe Sci-fi
9 Four Transdem, Inc: Friends: Chisera, Yung & Sancho Sci-fi
10 Five Dark Moons on Chimera: The Adventures of Kn'Ross Fantasy
11 Five Dark Moons on Chimera: The Tribulations of Kn'Rose Fantasy
12 NOT Bill Lundy's Last Roundup Western
13 Six The First Shadow Riders: The Shadow's Betrayer Fantasy
14 Thirteen The Margo Bryant Chronicles: Under a Yellow Sea Murder Mystery
15 Thirteen The Margo Bryant Chronicles: The Red Pentagon Murder Mystery
16 Thirteen The Margo Bryant Chronicles: Inside a Green Triangle Murder Mystery
17 Thirteen The Margo Bryant Chronicles: The Case of Black Death Murder Mystery
18 Thirteen The Margo Bryant Chronicles: A White Chill Murder Mystery
19 NOT Till Death do us part Murder Mystery
20 NOT It Won't be long now Fiction
21 NOT WW3: How Did It Happen? Fiction
22 NOT Hit Men Don't Make Good Daddys Murder Mystery
23 NOT Mary Magdeline: Exposed Religious
24 NOT The Documentary Hypothesis Religious
25 Ten The Guardians of Time: Middle Game Sci-Fi
26 Ten The Guardians of Time: End Game Sci-Fi
27 Eight The Rhumgold Sagas: Caves of the Sun Fantasy
28 Eight Ysibol and the Dark Moons of Chimera Fantasy
29 Eight The Rhumgold Sagas: The August Chateau Fantasy
30 NOT Morgan la Fey and the Rings of Gold Sci-Fi
31 NOT Wolfsden X at Sirius IV Sci-Fi
32 NOT Escape from Jamestown Historical Fiction
33 Eight The Primitive Shoppe Fantasy
34 NOT Greek/Hebrew Legacy Student Guide
35 NOT Faith, Reason & Imagination Student Guide
36 NOT The Art of Cloning: Am I Me? Sci-fi
37 NOT The Age of Reason Sci-fi
38 NOT gematria Sci-fi
39 Fourteen More Avalonian Tales Sci-fi
40 NOT The Arclight Royale Sci-fi
41 NOT Withdrawn from Man Sci-fi
42 NOT A Twisted Fate Sci-fi
43 NOT Till Death do us part Sci-fi
44 NOT In the Shadow of the Sword Historical Fiction
45 NOT Moon Base Alpha Sci-fi
46 NOT What is on the other side? Fiction
47 Eight The Rhumgold Sagas: The Dragon's Seal Fantasy
48 Eight The Rhumgold Sagas: The Wolf of Dumfrie's Friar Fantasy
49 NOT Preparing for the CompTIA Exams Student Guide
50 NOT Make America Great AGAIN! Non-Fiction/Satire
51 NOT Tommyhawk Murder Mystery
52 Eight The Rhumgold Sagas: The Legend of Purple Eyes Fantasy
53 NOT Watson's Robotics Sci-fi
54 Eight The Rhumgold Sagas: The Curse of the Moon Stones Fantasy
55 NOT Having Your Leg Up on the Well Fantasy
56 Eight The Rhumgold Sagas: The Black Widow Cocktail Fantasy
57 Eight The Rhumgold Sagas: Choose Your Poison Fantasy
58 Eight The Rhumgold Sagas: The Aryan Moon Pool Fantasy
59 Eight The Rhumgold Sagas: Moon Phase Shadows on Rhumgold Fantasy
60 Fifteen Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse, Part 1 Survival
61 Fifteen Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse, Part 2 Survival
62 NOT Understanding Old Computers How-To
63 Eight The Rhumgold Sagas: The Blind Beggar Fantasy
64 Twelve The Breakneck Project Sci-fi
65 Eight The Rhumgold Sagas: The Witches of Karres Fantasy
66 Eight The Rhumgold Sagas: The Cathedral Fantasy
67 Eightt The Rhumgold Sagas: The Zero Point Field Fantasy

Vision Statement

The vision of Dragon's Breath Publishing is to offer solid storylines at an affordable cost. We believe that good entertainment should not come at a hefty overhead - that polished, readable stories can be made available at affordable prices. Therefore, we will keep our prices low for our readers. Thank you.

Business Plan Statements
Ghostwriting is done at $20.00 an hour. It usually takes between 60 - 80 hours to complete a storyline and publish it.
Manuscript editing cost between $10 and $15 an hour - depending on the amount of editing that needs to be done to polish the manuscript.
A Publishing Contract is always signed by both parties prior to the beginning of editing, ghostwriting or publishing.
Tabbed Statements

Home Tab

Dragon's Breath Publishing was established in 1993 as I looked for an avenue to publish two Student Guides for a couple University courses at Memphis State University. At that time the Internet was in its infancy and I had to wait a few years before the tools would become available that would make my dream of publishing readable fiction come true. I used that time to write over 50 storylines that are now published and available through and Kindle Direct.

Profile Tab

Tim Conley began writing seriously in 1989 when he sent The Curse of Indian Gold to a publisher in Nashville, TN. Upon retiring from the U.S. Navy he continued writing in earnest. The eldest son of James and Ervena Conley, Tim grew up with a healthy imagination. It had to be. Their family lived in the head of a hollow in Southern Ohio. "We didn't have the modern gadgets that most kids today take for granted. We played stick ball with a beat up Carnation Milk can and made believe that an old bridge was a sailing ship. We repelled pirates and sailed to the moon. The bottomline was - we made it up as we went along - day by day. So it was probably only natural that the imagination area of my brain became highly developed. My Mother encouraged that. My Father didn't - he wanted his sons planted firmly in the world of work and responsibility. I think I got the best of both of them. Responsible and adventurous."

Messages Tab

Send your queries regarding manuscripts and/or ghostwriting to: I will gladly discuss any questions or regards that you have about getting published. There are many 'shark' publishers out there who want your money but don't always want to do a serious job for you. That is one reason why I set up my own publishing company. I charge a minimal amount and for some writers only require that my logo appear on their dust cover and on the title page. DBP provides marketing via a web site that has been set up to advertize and provide access to the published books on and Kindle Direct. Send me an email and let's see what we can work out.

Dragon's Breath Publishing is a privately owned company and caters to beginning authors who want to get their feet in the door of the wide open publishing industry. Last Update: 2/9/2017.

Dragon's Breath Publishing © 4/3/2020

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